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Reverse lookups in GNS

DNS allows to resolve the name of an IP address. This is sometimes called "reverse lookup". In fact, it is actually "normal" resolution of a PTR record. The name of such a record would be, for example, The .arpa TLD is managed by IANA.

This blogpost is meant to spread ideas that have been exchanged via private email and might be interesting for a broader audience. If you feel like you have useful comments, don't hesitate to do so.

Log in using GNUnet?

This is work in progress. YMMV.

RESTful Identity Management

Finished identity REST API:

List all egos:

$ curl http://localhost:7776/identity
"data": [
"id": "short-zone",
"key": "MB3639...",
"type": "ego"
"id": "master-zone",
"key": "ZCGJ4R...",
"type": "ego"
"id": "sks-zone",
"key": "9B8BA...",
"type": "ego"


Having a REST interface for core GNUnet functionality makes it easier to implement modern cross-platform UI's and makes it possible to use GNUnet services without having GNUnet installed.
Furthermore it makes writing clients and tools in other programming languages trivial.

As part of a first effort I implemented a REST server that loads all available plugins (thus far only GNS) and runs on port 7776.

GNS Zoneinfo

The contents of the FCFS zone can now be found online.

More information on FCFS

Looks like lots of names are still available :D


DANE RFC is out.
This is also good for our Name System. We get a standardized shiny new TLSA record type for CA validation. In fact this record type is already implemented in the code.

Browser plugins or the proxy can validate names using this record type without needing a CA bundle installed. Of course this requires the use of DNSSEC for DNS (which means you still need some third party trust anchor). But for the GNUnet Name System we don't need that! \o/


Please Help - Domain Name Usage Analysis

Dear GNUnet users and developers,

In the scope of my Master's thesis we want to collect some usage statistics regarding the Domain Name System (DNS). In particular we want to know how often users actually visit completely new domains in comparison to how often they follow links.

For this reason I would like to ask you to help support us by executing the following script on your PC and email the output back to us:

Note that the scripts only work on GNU/Linux systems and the sqlite3 package needs to be installed (i.e. run apt-get install sqlite3 first).

No personal data will be collected! (Ok, by sending us the output, we get your e-mail address, but we won't use that for anything and will also not keep it after entering the data, feel free to fake it.)

The script will read your browsing history and calculates 5 numerical values. The values will be printed after the successful execution of the script. We are only interested in the output not the browsing history itself.

Thanks in advance for your support
Martin Schanzenbach

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