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libbrandt GSoC final evaluation

The Google Summer of Code is about to end and it's time for an update on the libbrandt development.

The code can be cloned from this repository:
git clone git://

libbrandt GSoC midterm status update


the GSoC midterm evaluation finished this week and it's time for a status update on the libbrandt auctioning library project.

In the past few weeks we decided to switch from RSA like crypto to Ed25519 due to performance reasons and it's generally more modern approach. Therefore we don't use libpari anymore, but libgcrypt instead. Ed25519 also has no need to validate each input value from other protocol participants.

libbrandt GSoC kickoff


I was accepted for a Google Summer of Code project and will be developing an auctioning library. During the community bonding period I have so far read four papers relevant to the topic, choosen a few algorithms with slightly different properties which I want to implement and reconstructed one of them within the pari/gp CLI (see attachment). I also started with a first draft of the library interface which will be published in a git repository shortly.

Video: Markus Teich on "Monkey - Generating Useful Bug Reports Automatically"

Here is the video of my Bachelor's defense on "Monkey - Generating Useful Bug Reports Automatically". The goal of this work is to make it easier for GNUnet users (and other users of free software) to create useful, privacy-preserving bug reports.

Help Wanted: Evaluate our Tool for Automated Debugging

Collecting good bug reports from users is a challenge, as most users are unable (or unwilling) to inspect problems in depth. Existing tools to automatically report program failures are often problematic as they either produce superficial reports or are prone to leaking private information (i.e. by including a full snapshot of the process address space in the form of a core dump).

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