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OpenSSH-7.1p2 fixes client vulnerability which can leak your private keys

The new openssh-7.1p2 release fixes a vulnerability in openssh clients from versions 5.4 to 7.1 which lets a malicious server to read private keys from the clients memory. For more information and mitigation see,

Be safe out there!

YBTI: Schedule Update

The YBTI talk on Byzantine Consensus will be moved from 9:15 to 13:00 on the 28th.

We're announcing changes to the schedule on since the congress wiki is in read-only mode at this time.

GNUnet e.V. Assembly 2015

The annual GNUnet e.V. assembly is upon us. We'll meet on December 29th at 20:30 in Hall F at 32c3 in Hamburg. Below is the agenda.

YBTI @ 32c3

The "YBTI/We Fix the Net" assembly" is to be the perfect place at 32c3 for all hackers to do something about replacing today's broken Internet with secure alternatives. We hope to have some talks and panels like in previous years. Details will be posted here closer to the congress, for now, please contact us at if you are interested to present your work or organize something practical. Topics include:

Social messaging progress

Development of the social messaging system component of GNUnet is making progress.

Now the PSYCstore is able to perform state assignment operations and local applications can request stored state variables from it.

The social service and its API is ready to use now. It allows applications to host and enter places, send & receive messages, as well as access the history and stored state of places. The social API also uses the GNU Name System for the naming of places.

GNUnet videos

In concert with my GNUnet papers post I'm starting to collect good GNUnet videos here.

Christian Grothoff at a GNU hackers meeting giving an overview of file sharing (GAP, ECRS), transport, and non-anonymous routing (cadet).
Youtube link.

GNUnet in Community Mesh Networks - BattleMeshV8.
Youtube link.

You broke the Internet. We're making ourselves a GNU one.
Christian Grothoff's blog

Scheduled maintenance of may be temporarily offline between 3rd July 2015 15:00 CEST- 6th July 2015 09:00 CEST due to planned maintenance of the underlying infrastructure. This downtime implies that this website, subversion server, hostlist server, Mumble server, and your email (if you are using will all be unavailable during the maintenance period. Other services such as IRC (#gnunet) and mailing lists are not effected.

There is a slight possibility that the downtime is going to be longer than expected. If that happens to be the case, it will be informed via mailing list.

6th Dev Mumble - April 27th, 9pm CEST @

Hi devs,

On the 27th we get to officially announce the results from the GSoC application process to the students, so we should probably use this opportunity to also have a first discussion with those that have been selected. So, let's have the 6th develper Mumble on Monday, April 27th, 9pm CEST, as usual using the Mumble server on Agenda items include:

  • GSoC announcements and planning
  • GNUnet 0.10.2 release: To CADET or not to CADET?

I hope all GSoC applicants, mentors and Bart can make it, naturally everybody is welcome to join.

RESTful Identity Management

Finished identity REST API:

List all egos:

$ curl http://localhost:7776/identity
"data": [
"id": "short-zone",
"key": "MB3639...",
"type": "ego"
"id": "master-zone",
"key": "ZCGJ4R...",
"type": "ego"
"id": "sks-zone",
"key": "9B8BA...",
"type": "ego"


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