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Scheduled maintenance of may be temporarily offline between 3rd July 2015 15:00 CEST- 6th July 2015 09:00 CEST due to planned maintenance of the underlying infrastructure. This downtime implies that this website, subversion server, hostlist server, Mumble server, and your email (if you are using will all be unavailable during the maintenance period. Other services such as IRC (#gnunet) and mailing lists are not effected.

There is a slight possibility that the downtime is going to be longer than expected. If that happens to be the case, it will be informed via mailing list.

6th Dev Mumble - April 27th, 9pm CEST @

Hi devs,

On the 27th we get to officially announce the results from the GSoC application process to the students, so we should probably use this opportunity to also have a first discussion with those that have been selected. So, let's have the 6th develper Mumble on Monday, April 27th, 9pm CEST, as usual using the Mumble server on Agenda items include:

  • GSoC announcements and planning
  • GNUnet 0.10.2 release: To CADET or not to CADET?

I hope all GSoC applicants, mentors and Bart can make it, naturally everybody is welcome to join.

RESTful Identity Management

Finished identity REST API:

List all egos:

$ curl http://localhost:7776/identity
"data": [
"id": "short-zone",
"key": "MB3639...",
"type": "ego"
"id": "master-zone",
"key": "ZCGJ4R...",
"type": "ego"
"id": "sks-zone",
"key": "9B8BA...",
"type": "ego"

5th Dev Mumble - March 20th, 9pm CET @

Hi devs,

The 5th develper Mumble will be on Friday, March 20th, 9pm CET, as usual using the mumble server on Agenda items include:

  • GSoC application deadline is March 27th, students should discuss their proposals with us!
  • GNUnet 0.10.2 release: known bugs still fix vs. bugs to add to release notes

Before the meeting (if possible) students should upload their GSoC proposal to Melange, and it would be great if all known open bugs were entered into the bugtracker, and all known resolved bugs marked as resolved in the bugtracker.


Having a REST interface for core GNUnet functionality makes it easier to implement modern cross-platform UI's and makes it possible to use GNUnet services without having GNUnet installed.
Furthermore it makes writing clients and tools in other programming languages trivial.

As part of a first effort I implemented a REST server that loads all available plugins (thus far only GNS) and runs on port 7776.

We are participating in GSoC 2015!


GNUnet is participating in this year's GSoC under the GNU umbrella. Our project ideas are listed here:

You are encouraged to ask questions about the project ideas and involve in discussions with us on our mailing list: You can also find most of us on Freenode IRC: #gnunet; note that our IRC channel may have some delay so please be patient.

4th Dev Mumble - March 6th, 8pm CET @

Hi devs,

The 4th develper Mumble will be on Friday, March 6th, 8pm CET, as usual using the mumble server on Agenda items include:

  • Newbee introductions: What are you working on?
  • Taler update
  • GSoC topic, mentor and student collection
  • GNUnet 0.10.2 release planning with release-critical bug collection
  • Open Q&A

3rd Dev Mumble - Feb 15th, 8pm CET @

Hi devs,
As planned, next round for the develper Mumble will be on Sunday, Feb 15th, 8pm CET, as usual using the mumble server on Agenda items include:

  • Newbee introductions: What are you working on?
  • ATS & Transport update: Still unknown unknowns or already known unknowns?
  • Matthias's defense: Agenda bashing for 24th of February in Munich
  • GSoC topic and mentor collection
  • Open Q&A

Meeting notes:

Installing GNUnet from source on Debian jessie

These are my notes for installing GNUnet from source on Debian jessie. I install gnunet under /opt to keep it cleanly separated from other system files. Then I create a gnunet system user which cannot login (so you don't have to pick a password for it) and keep all gnunet-owned files in /var/lib/gnunet.

2nd Dev Mumble - Feb 2nd, 8pm CET @

Hi devs,
next round for the dev mumble on Monday, Feb 2nd, 8pm CET.
The mumble server is running @


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