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Installing GNUnet from source on Debian jessie

These are my notes for installing GNUnet from source on Debian jessie. I install gnunet under /opt to keep it cleanly separated from other system files. Then I create a gnunet system user which cannot login (so you don't have to pick a password for it) and keep all gnunet-owned files in /var/lib/gnunet.

2nd Dev Mumble - Feb 2nd, 8pm CET @

Hi devs,
next round for the dev mumble on Monday, Feb 2nd, 8pm CET.
The mumble server is running @

GNUnet Dev Mumble - Jan 15 2014, 8pm CET

Dear devs and all interested readers,

we are happy to announce today's GNUnet developer mumble taking place

- Jan 15 2014 (aka today), 8pm CET

To join just connect to the mumble server running at and join
the developers channel...

We meet to discuss current projects, overall agenda and to exchange what
people are working on at the moment.

If you are interested feel free to join ...

New GPG key

I created a new GPG key today. You can find the full key on keyservers, my homepage and in the profile on The fingerprint is D842 3BCB 326C 7907 0339 29C7 939E 6BE1 E29F C3CC. This key will be used to sign future releases of GNUnet.

Goodbye Munich, Bonjour Rennes!

After spending five great years at TU Munich supported by a generous five year grant from the DFG, I will be moving to a new position at Inria in Rennes where my research and development on secure, decentralised network protocols will continue.

Implementing a social messaging system for GNUnet

Work is currently under way to implement a social messaging system for GNUnet using stateful multicast.

Components of the system:


Status of the components:

Multicast: starting, joining, parting, and sending/receiving messages to multicast groups already work. Some API functions are still missing, and test cases need to be implemented.

Talk @ Oxford: A Public Key Infrastructure for Social Movements in the Age of Universal Surveillance

On March 3rd 2014 Christian Grothoff gave a talk on "A Public Key Infrastructure for Social Movements in the Age of Universal Surveillance" at Oxford. You can now find the video below.

GNU Hacker Meeting 2014 at TU Munich (update)

After 100+ registrations, registration is now closed for the GNU Hacker Meeting 2014 in Munich. There will be several talks related to GNUnet and presumably plenty of discussions about the future of the GNU system as a whole.

GNUnet papers

I've been asked several times for links to various GNUnet papers. Here they are in somewhat chronological order.

Talk @ TUM: Peter Schaar on "Gibt es einen Schutz vor Totalüberwachung?"

On July 7th 2014 Peter Schaar (Head of the European Academy for Freedom of Information and Data Protection, former Bundesdatenschutzbeauftrager) gave a talk about technology, law and surveillance in German. You can find the video below.


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