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Annual Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking Workshop

Papers are solicited in a variety of topics related to ad hoc, wireless,
sensor, mesh, delay-tolerant, content-centric and opportunistic networks,
including but not limited to

-Routing algorithms and protocols
-MAC protocols, scheduling, power control, and resource allocation
-Transport layer protocols for multi-hop networks
-Middleware for ad hoc networks
-Application driven architectures and protocols
-Sensor network applications and protocols
-Vehicular networks
-Cognitive radio networks
-Integration of ad hoc networks with wireless access networks
-Implementations, testbeds, and prototypes
-Technology related issues (IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth, ZigBee,
IEEE 802.16, etc.)
-Self organization and network reconfiguration
-Optimization models and algorithms
-Resource and service discovery
-Use of advanced antenna technologies (MIMO, beam forming, etc.)
-Security and privacy
-Delay tolerant networks
-Exploitation of social and mobility patterns for opportunistic networking
-Mobile social networks
-Security and privacy
-Participatory and urban sensing
-Underwater wireless networks
-Heterogeneous networks
-Novel performance measures
-Green networking
-Cooperative schemes
-Network localization
-Network secrecy
-Networking virtualization
-Services based, and enabled by Ad Hoc networks

Submission deadline: 
Mon, 03/17/2014
Piran, Slovenia
Conference Date: 
Mon, 06/02/2014 to Wed, 06/04/2014