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YBTI @ 32c3

The "YBTI/We Fix the Net" assembly" is to be the perfect place at 32c3 for all hackers to do something about replacing today's broken Internet with secure alternatives. We hope to have some talks and panels like in previous years. Details will be posted here closer to the congress, for now, please contact us at if you are interested to present your work or organize something practical. Topics include:

  • solutions against the deep state
  • mass surveilance and doing something against it
  • ethical computer security research

Even if we in the end cannot assign you a slot, please feel free to join us for a chat, for a coding session, or general exchange of ideas.


We are posing the schedule in the 32c3 wiki at Basically, we'll be most of December 29th in Hall F. If you are interested in participating, please contact us, we have room in the schedule for more!